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What: USSSA B/C NIT (TriState Conference Event)
"D" Teams: This is only 1 of 2 B/C Tri State Conference Events that "D" teams are permitted to enter.
When: April 13-14 (Friday games if needed) ("D" possibly into Sunday)
Entry Fee: $300.00
Format: Double Elimination (Consolation brackets for 0-2 & 1-2 "C" teams, Consolation bracket for all "D" teams)

Awards: $100 per team entered goes into the Awards Pool.
1st - 3rd place awards
Winner of the "D" consolation gets a Paid National Berth based on 4 "D" teams entered.

Winner of the "C" Consolation gets $100


Teams Entered:

  • 3rd Street Financial/Shinetime/TPS (B)
  • Auto Express (C)
  • D&S / TPS (C)
  • EAP / Tigerfitness / K&W / Tyja / Worth (C)
  • Good Guys / Bleachers (C)
  • Last Call Softball (C)
  • Pure Romance / Easton (C)
  • Saints (C)
  • Sportsco / Borgman / Turner (C)
  • Taylormade (C)
  • Dirt Brothers (C)
  • Chain Reaction (D)
  • Columbus Pipe / DSS Bats / Easton (B)
  • Red's Astros / TPS / Sports Den (B)